A fine wine is only the first ingredient for succeeding in this very competitive industry. It is essential that small wineries have a strong brand identity and marketing plan – with packaging that will grab the attention of consumers and distributors, a story that will keep their attention, a plan to increase sales, and a social media and presence to continue to expose your brand to new consumers.

Vintelligent Marketing has the experience and knowledge to guide you through all of this. We offer a comprehensive range of marketing services and customized solutions to specifically match your needs and priorities.


Vintelligent: (vin-tel'i-junt), adj.

1) Having a high degree of intelligence about
the wine industry.

2) Showing sound judgment

and rationality about the wine industry: a
vintelligent decision.

3) Possessed of education

or judgment about the wine industry; knowing;
sensible; skilled.

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