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Vintelligent Marketing is a marketing consulting company specializing in helping small wineries focus their pricing, packaging and brand image to increase their market exposure and sales. We offer comprehensive services focused on marketing activities that are critical to the success of every winery.

Whatever your needs or marketing challenges, Vintelligent Marketing can help. We are intimately familiar with every phase of winery operation and marketing for one simple reason…we have been there and done that!

We will walk you step by step through every aspect of your packaging, from your bottle shape, to the label concepts, to the case that you package the bottles in.

We will evaluate your wines to help you find the correct price point and market placement, set up precise comparative tastings, and work with your winemaker to ensure that your wine appeals to your target consumer.

We will find what makes your brand truly unique, and help you refine your story and all of your marketing materials so that people will knows, and remember, what makes your different from all of the other brands.

We will work with your web designer to create a website that will convey your unique story and philosophies to the consumer, make it easy for them to navigate and buy your wines, and get specific information to the wine trade looking to promote your brand.

We will develop a well thought-out wine club to  help increase your direct-to-consumer wine sales, based on the benefits that entice consumers to become members and to stay loyal to your brand for years to come.

We will help you navigate through the maze of social media options and decide what will work best for you, help you create your profiles and then show you how to use them to communicate and build brand  loyalty with your consumers.

Whether a once a year Wine Club appreciation event or a celebration to mark the release of a new vintage, we will create a well-planned event to build consumer loyalty, increase sales, and increase brand exposure without breaking the annual budget.

We will help you show your brand’s personality through video. We can help you decide what to focus on and write a script, then shoot, edit and upload your videos.


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