Project Description

You feel it as you crest the last hill, round the last bend. Your mind quiets and your body relaxes. It can be a quiet beach or a bench in a far corner of a city park. You have arrived at the place that makes you forget the craziness of the rest of the world, your Respite.

We invite you to enjoy this wine that we have created using the grapes from our hillside vineyard, where we go when we need Respite from the complexities of life.

We created this brand for a long-time grape growing family who decided to create a brand from their own mountain fruit in the Alexander Valley Appellation. The name came from the owners’ desire to emphasize that the vineyard provided a reprieve from their everyday life. We wrote back label, website and release letter text, worked with label designer Parham Design to create the logo and the label design, and created letterhead and business card designs. The label visually conveys the idea of this vineyard being a place of respite. The subtle wavy lines suggest the busyness of everyday life, while the open space around the name visually represents the feeling of calm that comes from the panoramic views and the absence of noise and modern distractions.