Project Description

We started working with Xurus (pronounced ‘khoo-roos’, with the “kh” pronounced with a slightly throaty sound and the “oo” like “root”) six months before grapes were picked from the Lake County vineyard for the first vintage. The name is based on the Persian word for rooster, and celebrates centuries of that culture’s elegance, art, culture and joie de vivre. We researched Persian culture, literature and poetry to create the name and logo concept, and then worked with label design firm CF Napa to finalize the front and back label design, wrote the front and back label text as a poem with one of the owners, created all of the collateral materials for a private pre-sell offering and worked with San Francisco’s Digital Engraving to print all of the labels and collaterals using engraving rather than standard printing to emphasize the intricate beauty of the label and logo.